The Duke Spirit on Tour with [pi!]

Got to see this band in Prague last Sunday together with support-act [pi!] from Dresden. The Duke Spirit hail from UK and are currently on tour with the much praised album Bruiser. For me a very nice surprise to discover this band live as I had not heard of them before. Needless to say, female singer Liela Moss left us all enchanted and we were happy to get the very limited ‘On Track ep’ at their merch stand. Go and check for upcoming tour-dates!

The guys from [pi!] rocked German alternative charts last year with third album A New Beginning. They switched singer last winter, with former singer Rany leaving the band and 7ieben singer Christoph joining on vocals. So the band, who originally started out female fronted, are currently having a ‘third new beginning’. During the mini-tour they proof it was a good choice, as C. is a sovereign singer on all levels. Now lets hope this union will last longer than the previous ones!

Here are new years greetings from [pi!]:

Photos coming… check the gallery for more!