New Year’s Moon, Venus, Mars Alignment

Jan. 1 '17

Jan. 1 '17

The first evening of the year 2017 gave a magical sight: the sharp sickle of the waxing moon’s crescent aligned with Venus and Mars at around 7 pm. In addition one could see structures on the dark side of the moon, which are usually merge with the dark night sky and are not visible. Perhaps the sky was brighter tonight due to light being reflected by dust particles in the air from last night’s fireworks. The photos were taken at around 7 pm in Dresden Dölzschen.

February Moon 2016

IMG_9405 copy2

Mystical sight this morning at 5 am, the ghostly February moon, surrounded by a huge orange halo, setting behind our neighbour’s Linden tree…

June Moon

IMG_3983-2 copy

IMG_3972-2 copy

Waning Moon, 8 June 2015