Dissection Photo Maps

Commemorating the 10 year anniversary of the “Dissection Midsummer Massacre”, I am making new photo maps. The map shown here was commissioned by a fan from Germany. The map contains 32 prints of my concert photos from the Dissection Midsummer Massacre + 1 band photo from the “Reinkaos” album booklet. The prints are 20 x 30 cm. Each photo is signed on the back. The map is hand-made from black photo-carton and the hendecagram on the cover is also drawn by hand. A short intro text accompanies the photo prints. For details please view the above photos.

Pricing: 99 Euro + shipping

For ordering please write me an e-mail at contact @ wr-photography.com

Throwback: Dissection Midsummer Massacre

IMG_4244 copy-s

New print edits; some images not shared before

For ordering write e-mail to contact@wr-photography.com



March 07 @ Conne Island, Leipzig

Sadly we missed Audrey Horne (surprised they had the opening slot). But we got to see Solstafir, who were my favorite band of the night. And it was nice to see the venue crowded with fans!

Inquisition / Revenge / Corpus Christii

Time for an update, and a legend: InquisitionUS-Columbian Black Metal outfit Inquisition are touring Europe in September. Together with Revenge they hit Dresden, making the best of a day off. Originally scheduled for another venue the concert was moved last minute to Club District, because the owners of the former location had a problem with some of the band’s provocative appearances. Their loss, because this turned out a long concert night absolutely worth seeing.

And since this was an off-day for the bands there was also nothing to lose. The atmosphere was thus pretty relaxed, there was no big stage show to expect but raw music was served.Corpus Christii

Supporting acts were Corpus Christii and The Stone. I missed the latter, so I cannot say anything about them. Corpus Christii played when the club was still empty, but mobilized the audience by serving raw fast black metal.

Canada based band Revenge  were the secret favorite of the night. They played long, over one hour of brutal high-speed black metal. People were headbanging from the start and reactions afterwards were enthusiastic. RevengePerfect timing did not only account for their rapid and über-precise playing, but my clock showed 00.00 when they were finished. (The right time for a break…)

The rest of the night was owned by Inquisition, who played for nearly two hours. It took me a bit to get into the sometimes monotonous and repetitive parts of the songs, but the audience was going for it immediately. It was without a doubt a special atmosphere created by these legends, somehow solemn and sinister, while at the same time most of the audience was headbanging all the way through. In between songs, guitar, micro and drum-sound had to be adjusted several times, but the two musicians went about it in a calm and professional manner, so that the flow of the concert was not effected. Then suddenly the show was over and what felt like an eternity could actually have lasted for at least another two hours. My resume: Inquisition live is actually one of those concert experiences that keep growing on me in retrospective, and I hope to see them live again in the future.

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Wolfszeit Pagan and Black Metal Festival @ Crispendorf, Germany, 2-3 September 2011

Photos of Watain and Primordial are online!

Watain played their last festival gig for this season and delivered a massive show spaning over seventy minutes that left everyone impressed, even though we are not used to anything else from this band. So I decide to cut it short and simply leave you with a quote by a fan who repeatedly exclaimed: “Weltklasse! Fucking World Class!”

For more info on Watain upcoming gigs go to   www.templeofwatain.com