Bees on our White Lavender

Every year, dozens of bees and bumblebees are collecting nectar and pollen on our white lavender. Now is that time again. The above photo was a lucky shot. My lens is not really suited for macro photography. But in this image all the details of the insect are clearly visible, whereas the surrounding has a nice bokeh effect, created by motion blur and depth of field. So here we go, another bee joins the “flower devils” photo series.

Garden Favorites Summer 2013

Black Dhatura


IMG_7237+   IMG_7261+   IMG_7260+   IMG_7283+

Black Devil in the Garden, the Devil’s Trumpet (Datura metel var. ‘Fastuosa’), also called Black Dhatura (from Hindi dhatūrā = “thorn apple”) and ‘Black Currant Swirl’. The closed flowers and stems are of a dark, almost black color, whilst the flowers once opened are a deep purple on the outside and a shining white on the inside. This variant has filled double flowers, which emitt a very distinctive sweet scent.


IMG_2265+   IMG_2267+   IMG_2268+   IMG_2275+   IMG_2280+   IMG_2283+   IMG_2287+   IMG_2327   IMG_2336+   IMG_2300+   IMG_2305+   IMG_2321+   IMG_2311+   IMG_2315+   IMG_2456+   IMG_2497+   IMG_2502+   IMG_2592+   IMG_2593+   Roots   IMG_2595+   IMG_2599+   IMG_2611+   IMG_2613+   IMG_2614+   IMG_2616++   IMG_2617++

August flowers, fruits and harvest, ‘hand’ photos are a tribute to Mark Jarell