Sunflower Field and Evening Sky

Visiting a sunflower field, before venturing on to gather wild herbs and rowan berries. I recharge and absorb the warmth of the evening sun. The temps have dropped to a chilling 12 °C. Going deeper into the sunflower field, a bee, stiffened from the cold, is stuck to a huge sunflower head. I wonder if it will make it through the night. It would wake up to plenty of food though. A few seconds later the sun has vanished and the sky is ablaze…


IMG_2265+   IMG_2267+   IMG_2268+   IMG_2275+   IMG_2280+   IMG_2283+   IMG_2287+   IMG_2327   IMG_2336+   IMG_2300+   IMG_2305+   IMG_2321+   IMG_2311+   IMG_2315+   IMG_2456+   IMG_2497+   IMG_2502+   IMG_2592+   IMG_2593+   Roots   IMG_2595+   IMG_2599+   IMG_2611+   IMG_2613+   IMG_2614+   IMG_2616++   IMG_2617++

August flowers, fruits and harvest, ‘hand’ photos are a tribute to Mark Jarell