Meeting Eddie

Eddie, October 2013

Eddie, October 2013     Eddie, October 2013

Sir Edward, the Lucky Pig

Some weeks ago I met Eddie and his owner for taking portrait photos. I like the idea of portraying animals, who are loved and taken good care of. Eddie turns out a very lovely and handsome creature, however quite determined when seeing any food and immovable when he prefers to take a nap in the sun. It was a joy watching him roll between leaves and finally trotting home – on his own. Eddie is a Bergsträßer Zwerg (a German breed of minipigs), six years old and currently has a little overweight, which however is probably not unusual before the winter. He is used to taking walks in the park, loves to eat turkish hazel, peanuts, apples and cherries amongst others. Above are a few snapshots from our photoshoot.

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Some snapshots and impressions of spring, which arrived late this year…

You see from top left to bottom right: Daffodil (over-exposure), Purple Tulips, White Hyazinth and Daffodils, Purple Lentenrose, Lucile’s Glory of the Snow being pollinated by Bumblebees, Cowslip, Young Belladonna Plant, my hand beside a long specimen of Lumbricus terrestris (rain worm), the fresh purple sprouts of Atropa belladonna (which are as colorful as the sap of their fruit) and a view into our front garden, which has turned into a sea of spring flowers, with Almond Tree, Tulips and Daffodil in full bloom



White ewe suckling black lambkin

Wildpark Pforzheim