IMG_20160621_010646The “Dissection Midsummer Massacre” took place on the 24th of June, 2006 at the Hovet arena, in Stockholm (Sweden) and was the last concert in the band’s history. The musicians on the photos are: Jon Nödtveidt (guitar/vocals), Set Teitan (guitar/vocals), Tomas Åsklund (drums) and Erik Danielsson (bass).

The photos shown here were selected together with Jon Nödtveidt (28 June 1975 – August 2006), and featured on the official Dissection website, alongside works by fellow photographers Mikael R. Hylin, Shelley Jambresic, Peter Herneheim and Soile Siirtola.

The idea to offer a print edition of this series was inspired by a fan’s request, who made a framed collage with these photos to honor Jon and the legend that was Dissection.

Included in this offer are 32 prints of my photos from this last concert + 1 band photo from the “Reinkaos” album booklet. The map containing the prints is hand-made by me. Orders for this map will take ca. 3-4 weeks to process.

For purchasing all photos or single prints write email to contact@wr-photography.com

Official Dissection website