New Year’s Moon, Venus, Mars Alignment

Jan. 1 '17

Jan. 1 '17

The first evening of the year 2017 gave a magical sight: the sharp sickle of the waxing moon’s crescent aligned with Venus and Mars at around 7 pm. In addition one could see structures on the dark side of the moon, which are usually merge with the dark night sky and are not visible. Perhaps the sky was brighter tonight due to light being reflected by dust particles in the air from last night’s fireworks. The photos were taken at around 7 pm in Dresden Dölzschen.

Sunflower Field and Evening Sky

Visiting a sunflower field, before venturing on to gather wild herbs and rowan berries. I recharge and absorb the warmth of the evening sun. The temps have dropped to a chilling 12 °C. Going deeper into the sunflower field, a bee, stiffened from the cold, is stuck to a huge sunflower head. I wonder if it will make it through the night. It would wake up to plenty of food though. A few seconds later the sun has vanished and the sky is ablaze…


Photos from the concert at Chemiefabrik, Dresden (Aug. 4 2015)


IMG_4327 copy

Sensifer at Elbhangfest, Grottenwirtschaft, Dresden, 27 June 2015

Waldschlösschen Bridge

A quick note on the newly opened Waldschlösschen Bridge, which sparked so much controversy and eventually had Dresden’s Elbe Valley removed from UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites: it turns out the bridge is neither spectacular nor especially disturbing. It really is a rather inconspicious construction and certainly not what one would expect considering the great controversy and amount of money that went into it. It does not take away much of the panorama towards town nor does it disturb the view towards Blaues Wunder. However this town has seen better architectural achievements.

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Elbehochwasser Dresden

Elbehochwasser 04.06.2013

Ein paar Eindrücke vom Geschehen am Terrassenufer/Brühlsche Terrasse, aufgenommen gegen 19.00 Uhr, als die Elbe einen Wasserstand von ca. 7,70 m hatte. Der Pegel steigt derzeit noch weiter um einige Zentimeter pro Stunde.