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Fill me up

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Tentacle Tree

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Dream Walk IX

IX1. I am talking with a man about his sex life. We are in his apartment and he explains that he is afraid of having sex with living women. So he has ordered bodies of dead females of different age. I witness when the bodies arrive. They are suspended on fishhooks, all dressed up and wearing make-up. We are now in a dark store room, somewhere in the basement. We come there without leaving the house but I do not remember exactly how we get there.

2. A dark hall, again with some man; we are in conversation and I am told there will be arriving the bodies of people condemned to death. An assembly line starts to move and the bodies begin rolling in. There are males and females, their bodies look grey, but they are not dead yet. They have just been narcotized. Some of the female bodies have their legs spread and bent, as if they would be in labor. Then machines begin to saw the flesh from the bones of the bodies. The saws penetrate the legs first and meat of a brown color falls down in small pieces. I do not understand the purpose of all this, since the machines seem to tear only parts of meat from the bones, but the skin and bones stay intact. I feel sick and it is only now that I notice how the man beside me has sunk unconscious to the ground. I wake up.

3. A horrible tooth infection and almost all teeth lost…

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Juniper Dream

I am on a cemetery. The soil has been freshly dug over and there are several young shrubs and trees planted, amongst them a nicely smelling juniper. They are talking to me until I release it was me who has planted them.

[Some weeks ago I harvested a branch from a nearby juniper tree to craft myself a rod similar to the one mentioned in the grimoire of Johannes Dr. Faust…]


Chasing Dreams

Entry for a contest on Deviant Art, motto: Chasing Dreams