Stained Glass

Since visiting Freiburg and seeing the medieval windows of the Münster I am fascinated with stained glass art. The vibrant colors and rich details must have had an amazing effect on the people attending mass inside the building. Through the windows light is filtered and codified. The complexity and detailedness of the windows reached a climax during the high gothic period and renaissance times.

One of my favorites was the one connected to the guild of tailors, indicated by the scissors coat of arms. The guilds contributed money to the building of the Münster. Raising a church was a joint effort, which gave employment and whilst being expensive in turn also attracted wealth to the town. The guilds played a special roll. They had a strong impact on the town of Freiburg and its development and were immortalized inside the building’s colorful windows.

Some more details drew my attention: for once the devil that is watching above a depiction of Christ. Then there was a window showing a scene of St. George slaying the dragon. The window is composed of three intersecting circles, which are aligned asymmetrically and seems to be held together by a fourth circle, possibly made of steel, and resembling a sun symbol(?). The details on the surrounding elements are quite stunning too.

At the Augustiner Museum we saw more windows from the Münster. The reason why they survived WWII is because they were removed from the building and taken into storage years ealier. Today some of the original windows are only on display at the museum and replaced by replicas inside the Münster.

The earliest windows from medieval times were composed of custom-cut pieces of colored-through glass, which has a vibrancy and durability not matched by reverse glass painting of later times. You can see this on the windows showing the king and queen, which are some of the oldest from the Münster. In the museum was also explained how these windows were constructed and what colors were used for tracing contours.

Opposed to these reverse glass painting did no longer require single, ellaborately cut pieces of stained glass and allowed for even more detail, as can be seen on the window showing the Mater Dolorosa in an almost realistical style.


Weihnachtsmarkt Maulbronn

Fill me up

Fill me up

Conceptual Photography


Lange Nacht der Industrie Dresden

First Lange Nacht der Industrie Dresden, 3 July:  Our family of three taking a guided tour around the Druck- and Verlagshaus Dresden (no photos allowed inside). A bus came to pick us up Theaterplatz and drove us to the print house, where we first attended a presentation and then were lead through the printing plant where the workers and machines were just beginning to take up work. Afterwards we enjoyed the night air and a short walk along the Terrassenufer.

Vorstadt Geister

Das Vorstadt Café Dresden feiert 7 Jahre Bestehen / Vorstadt Café Dresden celebrates its seventh annual anniversary. With DJ teams Bleckburk, Norminho, Unitedinmovement and Tanzatelier Kokü.

Vorstadt Facebook:



Maulbronn Again

Some pics from last weekend’s Maulbronn Medieval Market… yes, we got drenched thanks to April’s weather and a storm that almost blew away the central beer stand! But we also got to shoot with bows and arrows, received a lesson in archery and had a lot of fun (and beer). Respect to the guy who was juggling with torches in the pouring rain! If you like medieval music and dancing check out Kramer Zunft und Kurtzweyl

The Duke Spirit on Tour with [pi!]

Got to see this band in Prague last Sunday together with support-act [pi!] from Dresden. The Duke Spirit hail from UK and are currently on tour with the much praised album Bruiser. For me a very nice surprise to discover this band live as I had not heard of them before. Needless to say, female singer Liela Moss left us all enchanted and we were happy to get the very limited ‘On Track ep’ at their merch stand. Go and check for upcoming tour-dates!

The guys from [pi!] rocked German alternative charts last year with third album A New Beginning. They switched singer last winter, with former singer Rany leaving the band and 7ieben singer Christoph joining on vocals. So the band, who originally started out female fronted, are currently having a ‘third new beginning’. During the mini-tour they proof it was a good choice, as C. is a sovereign singer on all levels. Now lets hope this union will last longer than the previous ones!

Here are new years greetings from [pi!]:

Photos coming… check the gallery for more!

Travel Writing (New Site Section)

Added a new section ‘Travel’ to the site, to be filled with writings, photos and bits of info from checking out places.  The first  is about Maulbronn Monastery (summing up previous blog posts). You can check it out here: